Requirements / Refund Policy
Student/Parent Requirement and Refund Policy

Student/Parent Requirement and Refund Policy To; Parents, Legal Guardians and Custodial Overseers and Students

I / We by signing this form, agree that my son/daughter will attend classes and drive at scheduled drive times at Jacks Driving School LLC. Students shall complete 30 hours of classroom instruction in 15 scheduled classroom sessions. Students shall complete 10 hours of behind the wheel instruction. Students shall complete a minimum of 8 hours of in-car observation hours. Students cannot miss classroom sessions. If a student misses a classroom session, the student shall be assigned a project or assignment relating to the material missed and a note from a parent must be turned into the instructor at the next class. Said project/assignment shall be completed by an assigned date. All classroom, drive time and observation time shall be completed before a certificate is issued. Any missed material shall be the responsibility of the student to obtain. Failure to meet the minimum requirements may result in the student being dropped from the course or made up in a future Driver Education Course.

Refund Policy:

Upon completion of 2-classroom sessions and 1-driving lesson there will not be a refund. Prior to this, money will be returned prorated to the student or parent.

Course Passing Requirements:

Each student shall complete 10-hours of behind the wheel instruction. On the 7th through 9 th hours of driving, student must show that he//she can handle a car in traffic. Students will be instructed as to what they need to work on before the 10th hour. 10th hour drive lesson is the Driving Exam, which will encompass all rules of driving including parking. Student needs to pass with an 80% in order to fulfill their requirement for Driver Ed.

If they are unsuccessful another 1/2 hour will be scheduled AFTER they PRACTICE with their PARENTS

Each student shall complete a minimum of 8-hours of in-vehicle observation time. (These times consists of observing fellow classmates driving.)

Each student is required to attend 15-2 hours (30 classroom hours) classroom sessions.

Each student must obtain a minimum overall course average, Exam and quiz grades of 85%.

Each student must demonstrate common sense, good judgment and an ability to be a SAFE and RESPONSIBLE DRIVER.

Other Requirements/Policies:

Because we operate on narrow time restraints we require; Students to be on time (leave yourself some extra time a good rule of thumb is to be in 10 minutes early), Physically and Mentally prepared for behind the wheel and in-vehicle observation time and classroom sessions. Driving instructors are scheduled to this requirements the following fees shall be applied.

A student who does not show up for a scheduled in-vehicle drive lesson without the 6-hour cancellation notice will be charged a $40.00 no show fee. This fee shall be payable prior to the next scheduled in-vehicle drive session.

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