New Class status
October Concord Crossing FULL Sept Hooksett FULL Sept Concord Crossing FULL Oct Prospect Mountain FULL October Concord Crossing FULL Dec Concord Crossing Full

Hooksett Dec class FULL

Prospect Mt Feb 20th 13 opens

Concord Crossing Feb 21st FULL

Hooksett 4/19 12 openings

Concord Crossing 4/20 10 openings

PLEASE READ NOTES on all the classes before you register

Posted: Subject (click to read details)
11/18/2022 New Class status
10/06/2022 New Class status
09/30/2022 Updates on added classses
09/15/2022 New Classes!
09/14/2022 New Class status
08/29/2022 New Class status

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