Jack Wedemeyer

Owner operator since 1987, Driver Ed certified 1983, Motorcycle instructor certified 1982, Instructor DDC 4 & 6, manager production companies over 30 yrs. Used to race cars as a hobby. Avid motorcyclist, and sidecar instructor.

Ted Tzimopoulos

Retired High school teacher, Driver Ed instructor certified 1994.

Art Brown

Taught school in Errol, NH Worked for the Dept of ED credentialing , Driver Ed instructor certified 1989, Brews Beer as a Hobby.

Cheryl Hardy

Used to be a bus driver, helped write the bus drivers manual. Driver Ed certified in 1992. Worked at CHS for many years. Defensive Driving instructor.

Gregg Anderson

Taught kindergarten for 10 yrs. Drives a school Bus for Bow. Teaches Driver Education. Certified in 2006.

Carrie Sullivan

Teaches Drivers Ed in the Raymond Location certified in 2012.

John Ritchie

John Ritchie Retired from Navy after 15 yrs. Driver Ed instructor since 1998. Holds CDL Class A license

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