CoVid 19
So where are we and whats going? Currently I am teaching classroom remotely,all driving has stopped per the Governors Stay at Home rules.

The April 20th class got moved to May 20th, May 5th class went to May 26th and May 2nd class is May 31st. Everything is delayed at LEAST A MONTH I don't want to cancel any classes just delay them. HOWEVER, if you want to remove your son or daughter from any class in which you have registered, send an e-mail requesting such and you will be refunded. If you remove from a class you cannot get back into that class!!

I am attaching an -email that all Driver Educators received. All,

Recently our office has received numerous questions regarding the allowance of the Behind the Wheel time from both driving schools and parents.

As everyone is aware the Governor’s Emergency order only allows driver education schools to conduct remote class room instruction, in an effort to address the Corona Virus concerns. This allows schools to continue operating in some capacity and Students to be a little further along in their driver education.

Our office is constantly working with the State of New Hampshire on this process. We ask for your continued patience while we see what the future holds for our driver education programs. When our office receives guidance from the State of New Hampshire we will of course pass this along to the driver education community.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office and I will follow up with a phone call.

Take care,

TFC Richard H. Dupont Jr. Supervisor of Driver Education.

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