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Raymond August 4th class
Raymond August 4th Class being held at the Tucker Lodge is FULL
Please look at other available classes

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07/15/2014 Raymond August 4th class
07/15/2014 Concord Driver Ed class

Jacks Driving School offers driving instruction to anyone that is seeking a Class "D" operator's license. A Class "D" operator's license allows you to operatate a motor vehicle that is under 26,000 lbs and has only two axles.

Jacks Driving School also offers Defensive Driving courses that allow you to subtract 3 points from your license! We all make mistakes. We are human. So why should you have to pay for those mistakes longer than you have to. A reduction of 3 points on your Driver's License can mean a reduction of your insurance premium and a possibility of no suspension of your license.

Arrows, lights, colors confusing? They don't have to be. Learn what they mean!

As simple as it seems, the traffic light is sometimes missed. Are you prepared to take action, if someone else is going through their red light? Do you know the rules for Right on Red? Do you know that not all states have Right on Red areas?