May 29th Update
The governor today announced that Driver Ed driving can open up as early as Monday. Even though this is great news, we here at Jacks Driving School are going to proceed with caution. I am going to be sending out forms that MUST be SIGNED by PARENT AND STUDENT Each and every time they drive! That will happen on May 30th! Then I am going to request attendance at a ZOOM MEETING to explain how we are going to proceed. Also, i will be requesting drive times from students, if they don't know or are undecided they will be skipped over!! We are taking this seriously!! No one needs to get sick over this! I am asking for the truth!! Regarding if someone has been exposed to the virus! Everyone will be contacted! Thank you for your patience Jack!

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05/29/2020 May 29th Update
05/18/2020 May 18th

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